To be respected... Respect the others

The association Bachata Geneva advocates values of respect, kindness and tolerance during all its events.

Everyone participating in an event organized by Bachata Geneva commits to respect these values in order to guarantee a safe space for everyone.

Bachata Geneva events are open to all, regardless of gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, accessibility limitations/needs, physical appearance and religious beliefs.

Therefore, no violence, inappropriate acts or comments (misogynistic, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, racist or denigrating) will be allowed.

During all Bachata Geneva events, any inappropriate behavior or comments aiming, for example, at discriminating or intimidating a person present (participants, volunteers, teachers, staff, etc.) can be reported to the contact person present during the event in question. The contact person will be available to listen to you in case of discomfort with a particular situation or if you witness such a situation, and will be able to take the necessary measures to ensure the well-being and safety of all.

The association Bachata Geneva reserves the right to take the necessary measures to guarantee the conviviality and the security of everyone during its events, which implies the possibility of expelling the person with inappropriate behavior from the event, without any form of compensation. In case of any act of violence, the local authorities may be contacted.

Dancing Towards Peace Political Respect and Neutrality

In recognition of the varying viewpoints and the potential for political tensions, Bachata Geneva Festival emphasizes the importance of political respect and neutrality. We understand that our attendees come from different backgrounds and may have strong feelings about various global issues. However, to ensure that the festival remains a welcoming space for all, we ask that participants refrain from engaging in political debates, or conducting actions that could be viewed as promoting or opposing any political entity or viewpoint.

Our aim is to facilitate an apolitical space focused on the joy of dance, cultural exchange, and the values of respect, kindness, and tolerance. Actions that contravene this spirit, including attempts to use the festival as a platform for political advocacy or protests, will not be permitted.

Participants are encouraged to report any concerns or incidents related to political disrespect or disruptions to our designated contact person at the event. The Bachata Geneva Association reserves the right to take appropriate measures to address any behavior that violates our code of conduct, including removal from the festival without compensation.

We believe that dance transcends political boundaries and can be a powerful tool for promoting peace and understanding. Let us focus on what brings us together: our shared love for bachata and our commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.

By attending our events, you agree to respect these principles and contribute to a festival experience that celebrates diversity and unity

Together, let’s make the Bachata Geneva Festival a model of harmony and respect, setting aside differences to embrace the universal language of dance.

To be respected... Respect the others

Any person participating in an event organized by Bachata Geneva commits to respecting the venue (including the furniture) as well as the staff and volunteers who make sure that the event runs as smoothly as possible for all.

During the evenings, all participants are asked to leave their jacket and any big object (backpack, suitcase, etc.) in the cloackroom.

The association Bachata Geneva cannot be held responsible for any object lost during the event and which would not have been deposited in the cloakroom.

All participants are requested to wear the bracelet that will be given to them upon arrival at the event. Without a wristband, access to the event may be denied.

All event participants also agree not to smoke (including electronic cigarettes) inside the facility, including hotel rooms, except in designated smoking areas.

Any damage or non-compliance with these rules may result in a charge to those responsible.

Participants in the Bachata Geneva events are also asked to respect the other guests of the hotels in which they are staying, especially with regard to noise in the common areas.

In order to guarantee the quality of the classes, Bachata Geneva reserves the right to limit the number of participants per class to avoid overcrowding.

Bachata Geneva cannot be held responsible for any « artist no show » situations. There is no refund of tickets due to « artist no show ».

Be careful with the excessive... Consumption of alcohol and drugs

Each person participating in an event organized by Bachata Geneva is responsible at all times for their consumption of alcohol.

Bachata Geneva thanks the participants of its events to be aware of their own limits regarding alcohol consumption.

In case of alcohol consumption, driving is strongly discouraged. Participants of Bachata Geneva events may contact the staff in order to find an appropriate means of transportation.

Any consumption of drugs is prohibited at all times during the events Bachata Geneva and will constitute a reason for dismissal from the event.

Respect the... Ethics

All dancers participating in events organized by Bachata Geneva are kindly asked to respect the following principles :

  • Each participant has the right, at any time, to refuse a dance ;
  • It is recommended to shower, use deodorant and brush your teeth regularly, for your comfort and that of your partners ;
  • It is recommended to bring a change of clothes for the workshops and/or parties ;
  • It is recommended to participate in the workshops whose level really corresponds to us ;
  • It is recommended to respect the teachers, their approach and their work ;
  • Each participant makes sure not to hurt his or her partner as well as the other participants. Each person is aware of his or her environment while dancing, especially before attempting any acrobatics.
  • Each participant makes sure to obtain the explicit consent of his or her partner before attempting any acrobatics or any figure that requires mutual agreement.

The events organized by the association Bachata Geneva are subject to Swiss law.