Represent your country in the... Shows of Nations

Moving away from the conventional competition format, the Shows of Nations at the Bachata Geneva Festival will be a unique showcase for show groups on Friday night.

This special event will feature distinct show groups, including men’s, ladies’, both and mixed couples’ groups, with each group representing a different nation, that will battle for the award of “Winning Nation” in The Festival of Nations.

Elected Teams

How can I join? Registration


  • The registrations will be open from 15th November until 15th December.
  • The announcement of the chosen show groups will be on 10th January.
  • Registration: Teams must register with a preliminary video*, number of members, team type (all-male, all-female, mixed, couples), representing country & and city before 15 December.
  • Number of Shows: There will be a maximum of 10-12 group performances, with a maximum of 2 shows per country.
* A training session video can be submitted without completing the entire choreography.

We understand that there is still a lot of time remaining needed for refining and finalizing it.


  • For coaches: 
    • Upon completion of the form, you will be designated as an Ambassador and receive the corresponding conditions. Depending on the group size, hotel nights may be provided.
  • For performers:
    • To perform, you will need either a Full Pass (FP) or a Party Pass (PP).
    • As a performer, you are eligible for a discount: the FP will cost you 119 EUR, which is a 40 EUR discount from the final price, and the PP will be available for 65 EUR, reflecting a 20 EUR discount from the final price. 
    • We will contact every team member before the festival to arrange the payment.

What can I win? Awards

  • Special Title of “Winner Nation” – an honorary recognition for the country represented by the winning team.
  • Medals for the winning team.
  • A Party Pass (PP) for next year’s festival for all the team members of the winning team (The PP is nominative).

How can my show group win? Audience Voting

  • As there are mixed groups and no “rules”, the spectators will be the ones voting for the most original show live, using a QR code displayed on the big screens.
  • The MC will announce the results at the end of the shows.